Capacity Building

We aim to build human capacity through evidence-driven processes of strengthening the abilities of individuals, organizations and systems to perform core functions sustainably.

Capacity Building

At INTEGRATED, we believe in building sustainable outcomes, where capacity building is integral to that outcome. INTEGRATED has designed and delivered core curricula revolving around our key practice areas of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) and Program Design (PD). Our capacity building programs are built around four principles of adult learning – or andragogy:

  • Self-directed approaches (student-centered over instructor-led);
  • Making use of knowledge and references of the adult learner;
  • Orientation towards tangible and desirable learning outcomes; and
  • Practical application with iterative learning.

These principles are complemented by coaching and mentorship by our team of experts, and supplemented by a toolkit of references, templates, glossaries, and exercises. Our programs aim to build capacity of individuals, teams and organizations to perform core functions sustainably, in the following areas:

INTEGRATED’s proprietary training curricula and programs have served local and international institutions alike, where we have generated results inclusive of building capacity of whole PD or MEL departments, augmented the capacity of development organizations to adhere to MEL principles, and built the foundations of MEL and PD careers of young people. For example, our flagship MEL Apprenticeship Program has been recognized by the USAID Learning Lab, and has thus far served to staff 26 development organizations in Jordan.

In Jordan, our training programs are run out of our training center in Amman, Jordan, where our state of the art facility is equipped to deliver learning programs that can accommodate up to 40 people. We have also partnered with AMIDEAST to deliver training programs, where we work closely with their youth beneficiaries to build skill sets to advance their careers in these areas.

Internationally, our learning programs have served government counterparts, international NGO staff, private sector companies, and implementing partners in Iraq, Jordan, and Washington, DC.